Victoria Sponge Cake #Sponge Cake

Beauty, Makeup

#Sponge Cake | This foolproof Victoria Sponge Cake recipe filled with raspberry jam and softly whipped cream will give you perfect results every single time.
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Vegetarian Red Pozole Recipe

#Red | Pozole is traditionally made with pork; this delicious vegetarian red pozole recipe comes together in a fraction of the time, thanks to canned hominy.
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Elk Management in Montana Shows the Blind Spots of Our North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

#Spots | Montana has an elk problem. We have too few of them in the right places, public land where hunters can pursue them with an over-the-counter tag for our full 5-week rifle season. And we have too many elk in the wrong places, large private ranches where public hunting is generally not allowed.
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