Eat this exercise now new personalized software predicts and helps prevents blood sugar spikes ndash TechCrunch #Ndash

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#Ndash | Not everyone has Type 2 diabetes, the disease that causes chronically high blood sugar levels, but many do. Around 9% of Americans are afflicted, and another 30% are at risk of developing it. Enter software by January AI, a four-year-old, subscription-based startup that in November began providing …
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Andijviestamppot ovenschotel met rookworst

#Ovenschotel | Deze andijviestamppot ovenschotel met rookworst is echt een feestje om te eten. De rookworst bak ik met mosterd, sambal en honing.
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Stadia Developers Can t Fix The Bugs In Their Own Game Because Google Fired Them

#Own | Apart from the sacking of about 150 developers, the throttling of Google Stadia has left a ton of early adopters well and truly in the lurch. Stadia was maligned from the start, and if the latest experience of Stadia users is any indication, it’s sure as hell not leaving a…
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